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Someone post these pics!!

What is this car I found on an american web site - looks mean, but dCi sounds confusing and it says it has a turbo!!!!

How does that work then dood? A DIESEL ?? Turboed no doubt - lets call it the green meanie or bogey or something???

yep, definitely turboed... jeeeeeeeeez

200 ponys and damn nigh 300 foolt poundsa torque !!!..

that is some going..

I suspect its a rally diesel version, there is a lot of sponsorship available from the pertrochemical companies for diesel competition cars..

that is awesome..

can you send me piccies of the spoiler, I may well be interested m8

  Williams 2, STi N12

A guy at work here used to be the works co-driver for the Golf Tdi team when it ran in the BRC.

He says it was awsome..just have to get used to changing gear earlier than normal.

Capn (can I call you Joe -LOL!!) How much would you like to spend for the spoiler, it cost £250 new (6 months old but only on my car for 1 month) - its sprayed Renault platinum - it incorporates exisitng brake light from 172 spoiler and you can have it for £175 + postage from Northern Ireland to your choice of abode!! Does that grab you? Im open to table negotiations seeing we have such a common bond now over the cup - lol!

No piccys, but its identical to the V6 trophy spoilers (
and the piccys you posted above!