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* * Sound-Deadening * *

  "Navy" N17 TWO

How would I know if I have something stuck in my vents? (get occasional vibrating noise seems to come from behind the dials)

I thought one of my CS tax holder screws fell into my vents about a month ago - not 100%

They were all in the dish on the dash and I hit a bump and all of them flew round the car, most of them went onto the floor, never found the 10th screw :cry:

I am planning on getting my doors and bootlid sound-deadened with dynamatt next month - anyone else have this done?

The only rattles I hear in mine are the little vbration around the dash/dials area and the squeeky "plastic noise" in the doors. what can I do about the dash?

for any squeeks, i usually use draft excluder, if you remove the door card, apply dynamat to the door skin, then run a load of draft excluder to the door card, this will stop squeeks and rattles of plastic against metal. you can do the same in all the plastic trim around the car.

as for the bootlid, i removed the plastic trim, dynamatted, then filled it with expanding foam, helps loads,

Then i used a load of dynamat in my boot as well.

But the dynamat is also up the side walls.

i dont have any photos of my doors (as the speakers are no longer in the doors [kickpods])

You could always remove the dash and see if you can sort it, but that may loosen the dash so it may sqeek more


  "Navy" N17 TWO

Thanks Rorrie

the guys who fitted my ICE had the dash out after "I thought" the screw fell into the vents so I think its just Renaults famous plastic thats vibrating in the dash.

remember the Clio is just a baby car, goes nowhere without a rattle :p

There does seem to be something loose inside my bonnet when I accelerate or go over a bumpy road :confused: - what would that be?

is £100 a good price for sound-deadening the two doors and the boot-lid ?

brun - yes

Trevq - no worries, in terms of the price for sound deadening, it depends what they used and how much.
  RB 182

Ive seen this new sound deadening, costs bout 45 quid per sheet but it has strands of fibreglass in it. It feels extremely solid. Not sure on the name of it.

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Oops, that was posted by me Clellandmc, I forgot to logout of my brothers account.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea i called our supplier today and he said it like having 3, maybe 4, layers of the normal stuff in one layer, he said it was definitely worth the extra and no point doing 2 normal layers when extreme will work out cheaper

hum, 3 or 4? that would surprise me, but could well be, but its defo better than 2, plus the most important thing for me here - its thinner that 2 layers, so it can easily go under trim without a problem.

just dont cut yourslef on the nice sharp edges!!
  "Navy" N17 TWO

Rorrie - 2 rolls of dynamatt extreme on each door and 1 roll for the bootlid i think.

I havent got a full boot just an amp/sub so the acoustic rattles arent that bad to be honest.
You can hear the plastic in the bootlid and the doors going nuts from the outside of the car (doors/windows closed) when the sub is in full swing! :oops:

to be honest, i owuld say that you wont need a roll on the boot lid, just enough to cover it with one later, and then fill (enough to fill when dry) with expanding foam, be carefull not to use too much esp near boot mechanism. This will brace and deaden - its what i did and im very pleased.

to be frank, for £50 more you can get a bulk pack of extreme

thats enough to do boot, boot lid and doors, and anywhere else you want to do, and what ever you dont use you could sell on ebay or

But it depends on if you dont mind doing the work!

any more qs - fire away!


  "Navy" N17 TWO

its the ice/alarm specialists that gave me the quote - they said something about doing the bootlid with whatever was left over from the "door pack"

where would you get that foam ?