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Southend News Report

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Essex News

Southend: Seafront cruisers alert
Motorists have been warned to avoid Southend seafront on Saturday night because of an influx of cruisers from all over the UK.

The number of young motorists descending on the town is expected to be above the average of 500.

While Southend police are keen to minimise the impact, they said motorists would be "well-advised" to stay away.

The event is believed to have been publicised through websites and those taking part are due to meet at a service station on the M25 before driving to Southend.

Published Friday August 2, 2002

To top it all, its bloody thundering in Braintree. Looks like my Willy2 aint gonna get its final wax coating

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hehe too bad for the coppers then, I just got back and there was no trouble at all. They blocked one end of the seafront for a bit but we just went somewhere else, and had a great evening out - 38 or 39 cars in all.

Give people a chance!! Half of them wont have got home when you were asking for piccies!!!!

Dont worry though, there were plenty of people with cameras, so there should be some cracking shots available in the next week or two....
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Yeah, id just like to say it was a wicked meet last night, and the turn out was amazing.

Just wondering who that person was that i was following after we left the seafront? He was in a blue valver (i fink) and we sorta got lost afta the convoy split up. I was in a blue 1.2 MK1 (reg V183 ***).