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southend problem

Looking for some advice on this one really...

Tax ran out on the car on 1st Aug, so with no further to do i made my way to the post office with my sweet smelling "£160" notes for 1yrs TAX, issued my SORN, Car Registration papers, MOT, insurance documentation etc... to be told as my insurance documents was FAX copies they will not considered VAILD!!

silly nuts here has misplaced his official insurance certificate, so this leaves me in a bit of a tight spot!

hmmm i thinks, no problem ill get onto the insurance company to see what they can do..

call the insurances people up "oh sir, our computers are down and have been for the last 3 days, not sure when they will be up and running to be access your records"

advised them to get up off their arses and dig out the hard copy which is more then likely laying on the side shelf somewhere, to be advised they have "3500" records and looking for the details would be like looking for middle in a hay stack!!

if i go to southend Saturday i will be stopped and issued a producer!! this is fine, but what happens if my dumb arse insurance company cant get me the required info in those 7 days?! i feel a summons coming on..

i cant miss this meet! i need hellllllllp!

all this for a bit of TAX!

Im usre there would be no problem if there is a problem with your insurance company... these things tend to be looked upon favourably, as it is out of your hands to a large degree.

I wouldnt worry about it at all.

its not right but.....

a girl in work needed her cert of insurance for tax, and her insurance wanted to charge her £15 for a copy, but she had her old one so i scanned and eddited the dates, worked a treat and it only took 5 minutes as there was a 2 that i could copy over in the rest of the date i just pasted it over the 1 to make /02,

its easily done mate,

but not strictly right
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I would say that even if you get a producer its no problem cos the police wont get silly if you have only a fax copy. You cant get tax because the post office wont issue it, even though you have everything ready and in place. So thats not your fault.

Dont worry about it mate!
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I dont tend to worry about Tax too much. The tax has just run out on the clio, but I use it so little at the moment, I probably wont tax it until next month.


Thanks for all the response guys, worry not as today i went direct to the insurance company to speak with the MD, seems i was fed a bit of billy bullsh*t, meaning computers have fine, not quite sure what the mix up was! so ive been issued with a friendly cover note and an official apology,

TAX is now all sorted, so see you all tonight...

thanks again..