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Southend - the journey home. Tales galore!

Well, well!! It was definitely worth the trek from Edinburgh for the meet - fantastic cars and very friendly people. Its really funny meeting people and greeting them as their Cliosport nicknames (fortunately, but unimaginatively, mines Ben H).

I thought Id be travelling back solo after we parted in Southend, but the fun began when Mat Brown and passenger (in his 170bhp 2.0 16v) turned up on my rear bumper. Sadly, it was raining cats and dogs, so there werent too many antics. Highlight of our 100 miles together must have been our mini race - where I immediately pulled ahead a cars length (then he reeled me in). Turned out that he started in 5th and I went for it in 4th - and there was I thinking my mods were kicking in!!

After we parted I travelled on towards the North, stopping for some kip in a service station above Birmingham. I got up at 5am though - couldnt sleep any more!

I carried on up northwards, sticking to 56mph most of the time - I reckon I was getting 40mpg at this point as the fuel needle didnt budge from the 3/4 mark for 110 miles.

I thought it would be a waste not to take some interesting detours. First on the list was the A6 from Kendal to Penrith (over Shap summit - climbing from sea level to 1400 feet/meters?). That is quite honestly one of the best drives Ive ever done. Windy as you like, perfect surface, lots of lovely smooth bumps, no traffic (well, it was 6am!), and plenty of cold air for the induction roar.

I also took the A702 for the 50 miles from the M74 to Edinburgh - again a fantastic road. Its on roads like these that you can fully extract the potential of the 16v/Williams. I just anhiliated every other contending car (Escort RS200 and Pug 306 XSi - OK not exactly the finest cars to beat, but the level of difference there was in terms of grip, speed and handling was ace!).

So thanks to everyone for turning up - made it worth the journey! Now its your turn to come and drive on some camera-free classic roads!

Yea ben I agree. Althou I thought you guys would be back at the casino(sorry cant spell) at some point. So instead of driving rounnd for hours trying to find somewhere to house all those clios I waited there with the guys from torsion however when I caught up with claire and soz cant remeber his name (naples red valver with 2 12s in the rear) told me u all when to a car park doh I see u all again at donny thou


  Shiny red R32

Ben, pleased to read that you arrived back safely in Edinburgh and had an enjoyable time down in Southend and fun on your long drive back.

Ben - Was good to meet you. Shame we didnt have more time to talk about the cars.. perhaps another time

Dave (Better of the two red valvers)

Ben mate,

Glad you got home safely, was nice to meet you.
You missed out the bit about the mg 25 thingy that we wasted!
Will have to meet up again at a rolling road or 1/4 mile strip to see how close it is?


Oh yeah - forgot. We did a Clio 16v tag team bashing of an MG ZR 160!

A blue MG ZR (you know, the re-done Rover 25) came blasting past as myself and Mat were cruising along the M1. Mat gave chase and overtook it with plenty to spare (very cool sight). Then I decided to up the pace too and follow Mat.

Sadly, as I was flying past at about plus 30mph on this MG, the guy pulls out in front of me. So he gives way and I (naturally "align=absmiddle>) blast past. But as soon as Ive done this a hill comes up! So my car just gets stuck at *25mph and only about two car lengths ahead of the MG. Fortunately this MG gets increasingly smaller in my mirror, but it had to be the 160bhp 1.8 as the next one down is a 120bhp version - and this one was no slouch! Checked figures: 0-60 in 7.4, top speed 131mph. Not a bad scalp - but top speed is not where I excel.

Mat of course comes flying past (guess thats the 2.0 conversions benefit for you), just as Ive run out of puff. Nice one Made it look so easy!
  mk2 172

you on about the a66 to penrith ben? i love that road at hihg speed on a sunday night, its better in the van as its limits are a lot less and can just about negotiate the big downhill flat out at indicated 105mph, top stuff.


Must be the one - goes from Kendal to Penrith. I cycled over it last year doing John OGroats to Lands End and thought "wow! Ive got to bring my car here". So I did!
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

After getting lost in southend deciding to call it a night and head home
after 2 hours and getting back to my "testing ground" of dual carridgeways though id give it some.
It had stoped raining but there was still sray from the cars.
Anyway i come off this roundabout at a fair pace and i look in my mirror to see what i though was a mk4 golf on my arse(dont forget the spray so couldnt realy tell)anyway after redlining each gear get to about a ton and hes not past ,me though right got you on the rounabout.
BUT NO Red and blue flashing lights come on...............doh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what a pecker only raced a omega cop car.
Anyway to my relief he lets me off i could have kissed him i tell you.
He said "just cus its a high performance motor..." dam right all 1400 cc of tarmac munching clio
Anyway 5 miles down the road the rear tyre blows out ...its not my day.
Dont carry a spare so had to limp it home 5 miles doing 20.Tried that trie weld stuff but having a bit bit of metal in your tyre doesnt realy help.

Anyway my advise dont race a cop car.


Ben - it was verrrry good to meet you, just shows that sometimes it can be worth some serious effort. Glad your journey home was not too traumatic even though you must have been knackered. and thanks for coming and introducing yourself by the way - Kathy
  CTR EK9 turbo

oh no! oops! ive been pulled for racing an unmarked copper in my old scirocco (i beat him! haha!) he was in an astra with grey bumpers. My bro got pulled for racing a full cop car, as in off the lights with all the panda stripes etc. numbnuts!


  Shiny red R32

Ben, you are definitely a bit of a traveller! Tell us about your cycle trip from John OGroats to Lands End please! How long did it take? Why did you do it? Are you going to do it again, the other way round?
  BMW 320d Sport

glad you enjoyed it Ben - sounds like a good drive home but rather you than me mate!

Might be coming up to york quarter miling at the end of August. You gonna make it down for that? It must be closer for you than for me>
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Ben H,

That is one nice looking Valver m8 and the wheels are sweet. Glad you mad it but the rain made it a bit of a wash out.

BTW I cained, well if you could call it that and Golf GTi down the A127.

He was basically was being an arse and was flashing everyone to get out of his way, so I put my foot down and caught upto him and flashed him, he didnt like it and just put his foot down to which I had to follow him. Flashed again and by this time his poor old Panzawagon had run out of steam as my vvt was just half way through the range so I finished him off as he moved our of the way I blasted past him.

What a complete numpty.... Feel the power.. Cough cough ... of the 172.

Yeah, travel runs in the family! Ive been to China four times now, Tibet, Russia, done the Trans Siberian Railway - so coming to Southend was no sweat!

Did John OGroats to Lands End last summer. Saw loads of good roads to drive on - especially in the North.

Tell me about it!! I can safely say that northern England and Scotland are easily as good as Wales (my homeland"align=absmiddle>).

But Wales is better due to less traffic, and the south is better for having more worthwhile cars to use on said roads!


  Shiny red R32

Ben, if you want quiet roads, just take yourself a bit further up north, even as far up as the Highlands! Often you see nothing but sheep for miles, and it would be a good place for a M A S S I V E convoy of Clios!