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Spacer help

  Low 'n' Slow
i've got a 1.2 dynamique with 172 wheels on, i'm looking to get some spacers for it. i'm thinking 25mm hubcentric. would these be ok? could i go any bigger?

  Low 'n' Slow
forgot to say its been lowered 35mm.

i was thinking 25mm for the front and 20mm for the back
no point going any bigger than 25mm

i'm going 20mm on front and 10 on back but i have wider front arches
  renault clio 1.4 si 2000
i remember reading a guide showing that you shud measure from the tyre at the top to the edge of the arch and buy a corresponding spacer. iirc it's an MOT fail to have wheels sticking out of the arch. i need 25mm ones but only to fill my 172 arches.