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  Burgandy 174 sport t
are they any good?? I know they are a big name but I dont hear much of them anymore.

I noticed they do a coilover kit for the rs models and it can be had for 540 notes

so any good?
Don't bother bother with there stuff. Me Jon_16V and nother forum member have all used there stuff and the rear dampers fail very quickly there good about replcing them and always claim to have redesigned but they fail between 1 and 6k later
  172 cup'd extreme
yeah the rear dampers fail they are utter crap i had 3 pairs of the PSX rear dampers which uses the same rear dampers as the VSX kit. not recommended at all
  172 cup'd extreme
V1NNY said:
brought a PSX kit lol

If you cant send them back just fit the fronts and the springs, the rear dampers fail due to poor valving and what do you expect for £350odd ? for a full kit with adjustable valves