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Speaker Covers And Vents....Anyone Know

  Chocolate Bar™

hes simply sprayed a set of standard covers and is selling them for top wack. quite a good idea if you ask me.

get yourself down to a clio breakers and get a spare set of trims you want spraying, and then you can do them in any colour / and in your own time. (as you wont have to rush it to get them back on the car.)

isnt a hard job at all to do all the parts hes shown.

  Golf GTI 1.8T

i see them and was gonna bid till i worked out what he had done, thought they were from a higher spec model.

I sprayed some speaker grills using Platicote metallic silver spray , but when i lacquered them they lost their metallic finish and went a dark grey . Your probably better off using renaults titanium sliver ( paint code 640 ) and then lacquer em.

First get some plastic primer , i used white , from halfords .Then after spraying em with primer rub em down with some very fine wet n dry paper ( 320 grit should be fine enough ) to get a good smooth finish .Then when your happy they are smooth spray em with the titanium spray but only light coats and not too many as it takes f*ckin ages to dry and if the paint is on too thick they mark easliy with finger nails etc .. , if the finish is not too smooth you can rub em down inbetween coats of the titanium silver until the final coat is smooth . Just remember " NOT TOO MANY " coats about 3 or 4 should be enough . I got carried away and managed about 10 coats so the paint stayed soft for ages . Then give them 1 or 2 coats with clear lacquer and let them dry . if you have somewhere warm to put them , like in an airing cupboard they will dry much faster .