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Speeding fine...

Anyone know anything about the legal side of speeding fines? My girlfriend had dropped me off at the pub in my car (16v) and was driving through the back roads of North Yorkshire. Being a woman, she didnt notice the police car pulled in at the side of the road, or notice the car pull out behind her, or notice the car following her for 10 minutes. Anyway, he pulled her and got her on the gun doing 55 in a 30. When he came to write the details down of the vehicle, he asked what engine it was etc and she said she had no idea. The copper, the cheeky basta*d said it was probably a 1.4 with a noisy exhaust! 1.4 I was mad when I found out. The copper wrote on the speeding ticket the car was a 1400, when the car is a 1.8 16v.

What I need to know is if the police wrote the ticket out with the wrong details, is the ticket still valid?

You never know it may be a good thing, hopefully she would of learnt her lesson and will slow down in the future. Might be worth pointing out to her where the rear view mirror is! lol


  MKII Vee

Isnt a speeding ticket a legally binding document ?? if so, dont the details have to be correct. I got a parking ticket and they had cancel it because the wrong time was written on it.