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Speedo dropping to zero randonly

  clio 172
Hi all,

I know we have threads on this but I wondered if anyone here has had the sensor replaced off the gearbox that powers the speedo? I was looking for a ball park figure on what the cost might be including labour?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
It's a piece of piss to do yourself - don't waste the money - just buy the part and fit it yourself.
as i remember, it's as simple as lift bonnet, remove engine cover, reach down to rear of box, and it's either a pull or twist on speedo sensor once unplugged...replace and job done.
  330i. E30 Touring.
Nope. Airbox and inlet elbow out and you should be able to reach it.

It's down the back of the gearbox, almost in line with the right hand side of the engine.

Black sensor sticking upright near where the drivers side driveshaft meets. Unplug loom, pull out sensor, replace, plug in. Boom.

Only about £10 from a motor factors, too.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
As above - bonnet up job - I did mine when I first bought my old 172 - easy as pie.
  172 cup
Was just reading through looking for a post about this mine does it aswell could someone tell me the name of the part so i can get one? i need one for a 172 cup thanks
  172 cup
yeh i can see the sensor on the box just not 100% sure what im actually looking for? would it just be a 172 speed sensor??
  FiestaST(ex 172 Cup)
On a Cup it is down that back of the engine next to the exhaust manifold (no idea if a FF 172 is different). It is surrounded by a heat shield. You do not need to remove the airbox as someone said above. Just call up your local dealer and give them the reg and they'll get the right one.

Also, its not quite as easy as some are making out. Getting it out of the gearox is easy, getting it off the loom is a b**ch.
  HBT 172 Cup
I replace mine, i bought sensor for £14 of eGay, the pattern part doesnt seem to fit as well it didnt really "click" into place, however it functions perfectly as you would expect it to. Would probably opt for a genuine sensor next time.
  clio 172
where would the sensor be on a 2001 172??
as i have a problem with my speedo too,only does it now and then
and usually sorts it if i turn engine on and off?
this sound like the sensor?


ClioSport Club Member
  Ph2 Iceburg 172
Mine does something similar, when your doing say 70 it drops down to 30 for a few seconds.
Some Clio's are driven from the box, some from the rear ABS ring I believe?

Ph1 and 172 cup afaik..

Oops just saw this was an old thread bumped..

It should be sat right ontop of the gearbox mate, you will see a sensor sticking out upright.