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spirited driving!


  182 Arctic Blue

Spent a good few hours in the early hours of this morning just driving round some of my favourite local roads, even with the lack of grunt from the 1.2 engine I found that it was a very enjoyable and fun to drive and could still easily break all the limits fairly quickly with nothing on the roads. You really need to know where to look round here for some decent roads (here being west london). thumbs up for the clio anyway remember now why I bought it :D

Oh yeah amd I stopped once to fill up last night at about 12am and looked a right prat standing there for 5 minutes trying to figure out why the pump didnt work - then I realised I had to pre-pay for the petrol. Havent had to do that since I was in the states!:oops: doh

hehe, I like using the pumps where you put your card in, take petrol then it prints receipt - dont look like a fool for going 1p over a round figure then!


My worst one was when I borrowed a company car and you need to push a button to open the fuel cap - I spent 10 mins in a forcourt trying to pull the thing - then a member of staff came out and showed me the button - DOH!:oops:

im not impressed with the handling on my clio and its been lowered...was worse as standard.

i was reading a review on the clio and it says the driving position is all wrong...something about the driver sitting too high. quite dodgy on corners..having driven quite a few cars id prob agree...still fun cruising in a nice car
  CTR EK9 turbo

with regards to the pump thing, when i was asked to prepay i was shocked - never had to do this before so asked the guy for a receipt before i handed over my cash.....