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sport bumpers

  renault clio mk2 16v
got a clio mk2 ph2 but want to make it a rep, does anyone know where you can come across the sport bumpers? and roughly how much they cost? cheers
  07 Campus Sport 1.2
they can cost a lot! its not worth it tbh, your best off saving the money to buy an actual sport. Sport grill is a good simple mod though, all clios should have one!
  renault clio mk2 16v
aw , that just sh*t all over my idea hah! ye mines is mod'd but only lowered 60mm and black team dynamic alloys, everyone says its smart but i just dont seem to like it lol, think i need an rs grill lower and blacked windows?? try get some photos up tonight when im home
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
For Sale section.

You'll need to become a paid member, its worth its wieght in gold to be one tbh.
  07 Campus Sport 1.2
what size alloys is it sitting on?
yeh go for an rs grill and maybe lower, although i think 60mm can give the clio a good stance. A cup or sport spoiler might look good on it, and a front splitter, little things seem to make the biggest difference.
My next step is refurb my alloys, fit 60mm springs and start my colour scheme, either black and white or black and anthracite, cant decide!
  renault clio mk2 16v
17's:( was wanting a set of the standard clio ones (55 plate) it is a decent stance but want to drop the back even lower haha. ye i want to colour code it and get a sport spoiler also. what alloys have you got? black and white is smart. white bullets and wing mirrors in mint.
  a low one
unless the cars going to be with you for a few years i would invest in making a rep. to look good it has to be done properly and the costs will keep mounting up. wheels would need to be spaced out to fit the sport arches etc.

for a non sport the best thign to do is slam it on some nice tastefull wheels, colour code, RS grille, dynamique/cup spoiler, maybe an exhaust if you like a sound and done. enjoy it :)