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sport cat decat???

  MK2 Audi TT - 2.0T dsg.
Most on here would say get a DECAT, which I did but with a full system it made mine VERY loud!!! so I got it changed to a silent decat and it's great.
Great cheap mod.
  Black 172 MK2
basicly less restriction. think about it this way. a normal cat is 400cells sports is 200-100 and decat, well its a pipe.
Sports cat will pass MOT, decat won't the lack of a cat! (fail emmissions test)

Decat will give the most performance gain and arguably sound better (louder at least), but is more hassle as you have to take it on and off every year (not too bad if can do yourself).

Sport cat less hassle - thats why I'm getting one tomorrow :D

Decat is alot cheaper though (its only an empty pipe after all)
i have gone for a decat mine cost me 90 for a stainless steel janspeed one which compared to a sport cat in excess of 250 is straight away a massive saving in my case for swoppinjg the cat back on the car come mot time is only £25.00 if your car is not due an mot and is new go for a decat mate not sport cat..i have heard on here that people with sport cats still fail an mot test and turn your engine management lights on as well!!! just my opinion of course
yes and no it should turn your engine management light on because of the sensors but people have had it on and it has done nothing luck i think mate to bwe honest get the light removed from your dash job sorted!!!