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Sports cat

  RB 182 cup,astra sri
My car is being checked out on Friday as I suspect the cat is on its way out and depositing bits of it in my exhaust system. The place it's going into do sports cats for 180 fitted. Should I just bite the bullet and get one?

What are the benefits of a sports cat? Will it be louder? Right now I have a custom system which is basically the same as the rs192 set up and am happy with he sound. Not too loud.

It also looks like the car is running rich. Which might be part of the problem of the cat going. Should I just get a new lambda sensor as well?


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Audi A3
172Cup cat is 300 cells per inch...sports cats are usually 200 (as is the one on a 182)

You wont notice too much difference if any...


aka Philomena Cunk aka Barry Shitpeas
ClioSport Club Member
  172, E46 320D, Golf
So is the 182 (200cell) cat responsible for a couple of extra horses Don?

Or should I just admit that a decat might be the only way to squeeze a few extra ponies out of the dog kennel?

(Sorry for the slight hijack Craig) :eek:
Cheap sports cats do not work properly. I got the KTR one (adapter cat for 182 manifold and 172 exhaust) and it brings the EML on. Proper 200 cell cats are 300+ quid. So you can fit a decat instead, save a few quid and change back to the standard cat for MOT time.
  RB 182 cup,astra sri
I wouldn't say that the one that the exhaust place I am taking it would be heap and nasty. They are quite reputable. Spoke to the guy about it and he said that he has never had anyone coming back with the emission light on. Nevertheless, if I can get away with just a decat and my existing cat will still survive for the purpose of mot time then that might be the better option. Decat is likely to cos me more grief with emissions light and rough idle etc though
  RB 182 cup,astra sri
Take lamda no.2 and cable tie it above the heat shield in 'clean air', fill lamda hole with a dud one or a bung. Works for me. :)

Are there any guides for this? I need more info. Are you saying there are 2 lambda sensors? Where would I get something to fill the hole?
  Evo 8 MR
Yes there are two, it's the one furthest away from the engine you want to remove and replace with a small bolt with the same thread size.