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spotted in reading

i was on reading saturdau afternoon trying to find a parking space in one of the shopping centre carparks and saw an m-reg silver valver sitting there, anyone from on here.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Hey, ill be coming to Reading today in my "valver", you wont miss it, its got courtesy car written all over it and 16v on the side!

look in good condition, from what i saw of it. surprised to see another silver one, i have only ever seen two including mine out and about.

simon, everytime i read a post from you your in a different bloody car, r u gonna have yours back for sunday. did ya go down to guildford i gave it a miss.
  CTR EK9 turbo

hehe - I also gave guildford a miss, due to last weeks antics etc. Im hoping to get my car back this week if my gear box arrives at renault....rang them this morning and guess what? it hadnt arrived.....

my mate at college had exactly the same problem with his he had to wait ages for his. i doubt the police would of been that bad last night but couldnt really be bothered plus i thought a lot of people would stay away as well.