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Spring Competition.

  It's A Reno
Ok, my front coil spring broke a week or so ago and needs replacing.
I got a replacement spring, but in the meantime I have gone down with Plurecy, which is horrible,as painful as fcuk and has rendered me a practical invalid.
So, the plan is for my g/f, who is not in any way mechanically minded to change it this afternoon with instruction from me.

The job normally takes around 30 minutes to do, but how long do you think Lisa will take to do it?

There is a prize for the nearest guess! :)
I'm gonna go with 3.5 hours, by the time she's finished breaking all her nails, thrown a tantrum about that, plus getting her hands dirty that's gotta be at least 1.5 hours!
  audi a6 3.0tdi
Good on her for trying :) you never know it might be the start of her getting into stuff like that. My mates mrs is building her own xe corsa with some of his help.

1hr 12mins
  E92 M3
every lass i hav had would ov punched me in the face if i even ask her to do that

good for her but its gota be at least 2 hours


ClioSport Moderator
  E55 AMG
Good on her for finishing,even my mate struggled with the 18mm bolts holding the leg to the hub haha