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Stage 2, performance gain


from a performance view, what kind of increases does stage 2 give on a 16v. 0-100 times, 1/4 mile etc .. thought someone said that a valver does 1/4 in 15.9. what does a stage 2 valver do it in ?

also, obviously 17" wheels make a diff in acceleration, does anyone actually know what kind of decrease they actually give ?

anyone that does know any stats, can u also include the wheels and power etc .


stages as quoted by tunners are irrelative in teh real world. They only mean anything to the people who made up the spec of the stage.

Stage 2 to one person could be an exhaust and filter, whilst to another it could be a mildly worked head, TBs, +bore block etc etc.

So nobody BUT the tunner can tell you what stage 2 will give.......

But even then be sceptical, i hate the stage references, its merely a way for tunners to help give punters with limited knowledge an idea of the stage of tune they are getting.....but often results dont meets the stage you thought you were getting. Best ask for a specific gain in power or performance and get them to tune to that, rather than fit a kit unless that kit meets your needs exactly.

alright, i said stage cos most ppl seem to refer to it for ported head & manifold with cams and chip, like hill power to and bbtuning, so for this purpose assume thats what i am on about

Thats more or less what I have done to my 16v: head, manifolds, re-profiled cames, Verniers, PBV, new ECU and IK/exhuast. I bought the car from someone else who had the work done. The garage that did the work had the engine dynod (direct measuremnet at the fly, not the wheels) at 171bhp - I rang and spoke to the garage before buying the car, and it was all kosher.

I couldnt tell you 1/4 mile times or anything as I havent done any of that sort of stuff yet, but I konw the guy who had the car before me seems to have enjoyed that stuff judging by the stone chips that the car came with! Itll be on the rollers in February at the Midlands rolling road day, so well see what power its making two years down the line. Im going to fit the standard airbox for this day.