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Starting but instantly cutting out

Hi Guys,

Today I was warming up my 182 before taking it out. Left it idling for 2 mins just tickling the throttle. The engine then struggled despite me booting the throttle and cut out. I’ve since not been able to start it.

I’ve checked a few threads and the battery is pretty new, I charged it up with a trickle charger and cleaned the terminals. I don’t think the immobiliser light is on either. I think I can hear the fuel pump priming too.
The car has been sat for about a year, aside from the occasional spin around the block, so guessing this has something to do with it.

Heres a quick vid:

Cleaned the crank sensor/MAP sensor but still the same issue.

I'm gonna get some fresh petrol in it on the off chance that its empty and just not showing up on the dash.


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
If it's only had a litre of fuel in and been sat for a year, it's probably almost turned to water 😂