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steering angle sensor

swapped back to my sparco steering wheel yesterday after my MOT.....long story, horn related......and basically then plastic ring behind the wheel where the boss sits on, had moved round by about 45 degrees while i was feeding the airbag wires through the hole in the boss. assuming this is part of the angle sensor?

anyway, panicked as i'd heard your not suppose to move it, but couldnt get boss on unless i put it back to where it was. did that bolted everythig up and now the esp / service lights have come on. i've searched on here and can only find rumours of it costing near on £400 from renault to fix!!!!?? that cant be right can it? for info. lights arent on until i start and drive in the car.

can it not be reset or anything from a garage - heard places like rentech can do something??
  Skoda Fabia vRS
pm nw performance mate, he has been fiddling with one of these recently so might be able to give you some ideas

the rotary switch is cheaper than the steering angle sensor, so depends which bit you need, but if its that then the part is ~£150 IIRC