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Steering wheel suggestions


ClioSport Club Member
Hi all,
So birthday coming up! Wife has asked me what I want. I’m thinking of asking for a steering wheel for the 182. Initially I was going to get the OEM wheel refurbished, but I’m not sure now. So I want a set up that I can fit and wire the cruise control buttons to with a boss that auto clicks the indicators off. So guessing I need a volantech panel, but unsure what wheel would work best? What kind of dish etc. Probably got a budget of around £200 excluding the panel, but including the boss kit. What is the current wheel du jour.

Edit: also in terms of airbag removal, guessing i need some sort of resistor to stop airbag light coming on? Am I right if so any links to which resistor I need? I can’t stand dashboard lights being on.


ClioSport Club Member
Youll want Momo boss as best fit, any wheel you like but worth getting a decent brand (Sabelt/OMP/Sparco/Momo etc) not a knock off ebay copy. Volantech panels are nice too I've got one but only horn buttons no cruise on 172 Cup, alternate is ph1 stalk with horn. Might be worth scanning for sale section and Facebook might get the lot inside your budget.


ClioSport Club Member

You'll want some 3.9ohm resistors for your airbag. You triple over the legs and then push them in.

Andy P

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172, Clio 220 T
This is what I have. It's a Volantech panel with cruise and speed limiter. The red buttons are for horn. The boss is a momo one. It's best to get a specialist to turn the airbags off on Renault Clip, saves having to use resistors. Wheel was from YB Racing. I think it's a Targa 330mm Diameter.