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stereo experts

  Burgandy 174 sport t

I have jus fitted my stereo but I have a wee problem, I dont really know an awful lot about stereos btw.

When I switch the car off and turn on again every time it asks for the stereo code, obviously it is not holding its memory but what is the problem??
  Volvo S60 T5

you should have a switched ignition feed and a permanent 12V feed.

The permanent 12V feed is for the headunit memory and the switched ignition feed is for powering the headunit up when ignition is switched on.

Firstly check your fuses are all OK, the check for the above feeds at the back of the headunit with a test light or volt meter.
  Burgandy 174 sport t

K I hear what you are saying there, I have mis placed the origonal wiring harness for the stereo so bought an autoleads one today which I was assured was the right one, could this be the problem??

ie it does not have the correct wiring for the memory?

just basically swap the red and yellow wires around on th ewiring interface, no problems from there