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Stupid french electrics!!!

  Clio T 314hp c43 AMG
Anybody give my any ideas whats up with the 172? :mad:

Started car the other night lights on, drive off all electrics go off for a split second inc headlamps then when they come back on all the lights flash on the dash and it will keep doing this until it gets warmer and stops!!!

Has i quick look yesturday, found the + terminal was loose but that made no difference, i have now found out you dont need to drive off it just does it when it revs, altenator maybe?

  145db Euro'd clio
french electrics are sh*t .... but wouldnt start if the alternator was lazy would run the battery down eventually .... tried the wiring to the ecu ? had a peugeot in next door to us and the engine management was all up the shoot and lights and sensors workin intermittently all the time worked out to be the rain sensor in the windscreen built in the centre mirror
  Clio T 314hp c43 AMG
Thanks for the reply, think I have sorted it,when i got the car it had the altenator reconditioned by some dodgy place, when giving the car some beans the altenator spikes 16.2v then all the lights have a barny, as soon as it drops back down to 14.4v the lights go out.