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Sunroof Leaking!!!!

Second time its happened, got in this am, went round a r/bout & it was like driving through a bloody waterfall!!!!

Internal seal looks ok, but the bigger bit that actually sits on the roof has a bit of play in it?

Anyone else had this prob?
  Audi S3

suposed to be a comon fault with 16vs need changeing at some point!
Mine was done not to long before i baught it! well ok 4 years ago
and cost about £140
not from renault dealer obviously!

  Audi S3

the seal! dunno which one best bet is to get it checked out it may look fine but may still be leaking!

  Audi S3

If there is more than the 1! dont take it to the dealership theyll probably look at it for an hour tell u theres nothing wrong with it then charge u £60 when u know there blatently is something wrong!!

Yep mine went as well last winter - apparantly there is no drain on the roof gutter (if you look in from the top u should see a load of water sitting in the gutter). When you go round the corner it all spills over the gutter onto the convieniently waterproofed back of the roof liner and then finds the nearest exit (the centre light) and straight into the lap.

To resolve you need to get the outer seal replaced, this comes in a kit from Mr Renault with the plastic surround and other bits. I tried to get in from else where and failed but it is worth doing as it was well expensive.

Incidently you get the same result if you have left the roof open on a number of occasions as any water that comes in cant drain away.

yup, i had to fix the seal myself after renault were the usual idiots the charged me for it.

they took the car for 3 days....said they tested it in a water tank (eventhough one would not exist) and could find no i pad my due, left....and pulling out of the garage.....yup, even more water fell onto me!!!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

This happens on both my 93 RT and my mums 98 RT. Common problem I think but it cant be doing the electric sunroof, and interior light its coming from any good!

Just a thought. I have a 95 RT. I had a problem with water pooling in the interior light. It turned out that it was coming in under the aerial which is mounted directly above it. There didnt appear to be any gap for the water to get in but it was.

Solution - take out light (snaps or screws in I think), unscrew the aerial retaining nut, smear a bit of instant gasket on the base of the aerial and put it all back together again. Result - hasnt leaked for over 3 years.


ClioSport Club Member


This is freaky - after the storms the other night - I set off driving to work - no water in the car - went round a corner and guess wot? YUP water leaking by the bucket load through the sunroof!!!!

Also does anyone else have problems with rattling eleccy windows? when they are fully down there is a big rattle. When they are up (not quite fully) they seems to wobble about a lot at 60+mph. Not good if your having a fag out the window!!!
  silver valver/hybrid

i got a load of water through my sunroof lately, all the outer seal is all cracked and deterioted, im gonna have to get it fixed, plus i need a cambelt change (cars only done 37k but mechanic recommended it as its 7 years old) looks like im having an expensive month!!
  Audi S3

Bit of subjet but just been to the local sh*te garage, sorry renault garage to source a replacement heat sheild for behind the manifold and they want £36.50 for one!

  honda accord 2.4 type s

Had the same problem with mine, sorted it with a bit of bathroom silicone (the clear one), as long as your careful with it, it wont go all over!!!!

i have got the same bloody water fall problem is silicone seal a good cure? what did u do to it ? take the seal off ? etc... funny tho its rained all day today n its not gettin in Hmmmmmm
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Peeled the seal back, put the silicone in and made a "sandwich"!!! Have a damp clothe to get up any excess, but since ive done mine, ive had no problems with the British weather!!!

P.S Where did you manage to get your interior from??

same here! one corner of roof has play in it, seems to build up near roof switch then poor out when i turn a corner! been told it needs sorting from inside by taking roof lining out but sounds expensive! have better things in mind to spend cash on but needs doing i suppose! anyone know exactly what it is and how much i might expect to pay?

i had a go at silicone sealin it today i took the inner seal off to see whats under but there was no point so i pulled outer seal off and did a run of slicone round the rim and pressed it back in seems to have done the trick but its not rained since! tho i tried it with a bucket of water n no leaks so far.
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Well i hope it works!! Im sure you wont have to wait long for the heavens to open to give it a proper try!!

Think i hit a bit of a sore point here!!! Thanx for the input guys, ill try the sealant route today, as i was thinking odf that too after renault told me that the smaller inner seal was £70!!!!!

Thats the most expensive rubber ive come across!!!

.........escuse the pun!!! LOL

Ill seal the aeriel base as well to make sure, as thats a bit loose too.
Cheers guys..


Hey Ive had the same prob!!

How did you get on with the sealant? Did it work?!

Didnt have time to do it all y/day as was going to a BBQ!

Bought some windscreen sealant from Mr Halfords and done the aeriel though.
Will try & do the s/roof 2moro.
Hasnt rained hard enough yet to check it. Only seems to do it when it really hammers it down!