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Sunroof Water Feature


ClioSport Club Member

Has anyone got a Valver where the Sun-roof is like a water feature? Me and my mate with a rsi seem to have the same problem where it leaks. I when i say leak i mean it pisses in!

How do i fix it?

yea i just put some maskin tape around the roof so i didnt get it messy. then smoothed it in with my fingers!


ClioSport Club Member
  An old banger!

oh yes i know what you mean!! bloody willy 3s and there sunrooooofs!!!


ClioSport Club Member

So which seal bit cus mine pisses in where my remote sensor, lights and sunroof button is. Seems to gush in!

Seal that up as soon as possible I left mine and now my central locking doesnt work properly. I had a gap of about 3mm between my sunroof and the rubber so I just stuck some black mastic along the inside and havent had a problem since

It opens up but not back, but in the summer Im just going to get a new rubber seal as Im not going to use my sun roof in this weather


ClioSport Club Member

yeah that sounds best. I think ill silacone it for now and get a new rubber seal for summer.

Water was pissing in through the head lining by the edge of my sunroof and dripping onto the drivers seat. I put gallons of sealant all round the edge but didnt stop it. Someone on here suggested the aerial. So took that off put loads of silicon sealant around it now its mint. Might leave you a working sunroof too.

Ive got the same problem,

Just an idea but around the edge of the glass in the sunroof youve got a 2-3mm gap yeah, What if i was to silicone seal in that gap but NOT sealing the glass??