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My car was getting its next installment of ICE yesterday, and while the auto-electrian was in the car, I got him to have a look at the s/r.

Ever since my s/r started leaking (now fixed) the electric s/r hasnt worked. He reckons I need a new switch & motor.

How much am I looking at for each? Are they Renault Only parts?



Good thinking GR, didnt think of that.

Ok, so next rare are clios with electric s/r?

What models did they do them with?
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Being a Clio, all the electric sunroof motors/relays/switches are all the same.

So take your pick at the scappies!

Hope that helps

  BMW 320d Sport

Loads had them. I wouldnt be surprised if the motors are the same in all Renault sunroof models of the same era eg. R19s etc. Scrappies is definitely your best bet, Renault will want a hundred quid just for a switch...just joking, or am I?

lol @ Nick, I hope your bloody joking! It really wouldnt suprise me though!

Anyway, thanks for the replies ppl.