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super it actually that good??

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been hearing quite a bit about the clay cleaning products available eg. DT Concours Super Clay - has any1 tryed this stuff? how do you use it, and how often should you do it? been using Mer wax for years and always been pleased with the end result but thinkin of giving the clay a go...
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I used meguires clay this weekend on mine and my b/friends car.. very impressed with the results.. more noticable on his car as it is black (mine is silver)..

I used the detailing spray included with the clay then just wiped it over with a microfiber cloth.. (didnt rince the car afterwards).. then followed with a couple of coats of carnuba wax..
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If you use QD then you shouldn't need to rinse again, but a lot of people just wash, and then use fresh shampoo/water as the lube for the clay, which dry streaky and therefore need rinsing off. Either way's fine though.

As for 'Super Clay' or whatever, you want to make sure you don't get one that is going to cut too much away, a fine clay will be just right for basic tar spots and the like.
  53' 172 Cup
i have just tryed the megs quick clay detailer stuff and am not all that impressed... i dont know if mayb im using it wrong or sumthing but it seems to leave marks and doesnt even look as good as when i wash and chamois my car.. I washed it rinsed it, sprayed the detailer on and rubbed that area with the clay - it feels v smooth but didnt look that great. the carnuba wax has brought it up a bit but overall pretty poor finish. am i doin something wrong????
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Clay has nothing to do withthe overall look or shine to your paint which is why it suprises me when people on here post threads on look how shiny my car is - I have just clayed it.

Clay removes bonded on grime washing alone won't remove. After you then need to polish and seal/wax.

In some cases removing all the old wax etc through claying will make your car look worse after if the layers of wax are helping to hide swirl marks etc.

To improve looks you need to polish your paint.

If the clayed area feels slick and smooth then the clay has done its job.