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Supercharged Saxo @ York RWYB

Just for any of you guys that were asking Ive got the spec and a few pics of my car...!0!7XUuRFAWAn6F6wY!P337FDnDcnsPNhm*Qqu4LBk!UGu1wnVMqJs2iZ9neclYGfYLcJdscg/Hardcoresax2.jpg">!0!7XUuRBS39N2MxgEjHOTk6MmYuUtjoaMbGnvQvDOffZEQuNg5WQBSsYGtENs3XHP3McZIuw/Hardcoresax7.jpg">!0!7XUuRD*x2yd6NRo8lu70qwBEslCU3R6VKy21Utbc0dosR!j3RYkPxSq4SSzCje1WJO6GWg/Hardcoresax8.jpg">

These pics were taken before I had the intercooler fitted when it was running around 125bhp @ wheels


Citroen Saxo VTR MK2 2001 (98bhp @ Fly as standard)

GMC Rotrex 2.5 Litre Supercharger Kit
Pace Intercooler and Radiator Combination
Mocal Oil Cooler Kit
ERL MF2 with 2bar Map Sensor to drive 5th Fuel Injector
GMC ECU Signal conditioner MkII
Peugeot Sport Group N Clutch
Peugeot Sport Group N Engine Mounts
GMC Quickshift Gear Lever Kit
K&N Airfilter
GMC 4-1 Exhaust Manifold
Longlife Stainless Steel Custom Exhaust

O.Z. Chrono Evo 16" Wheels with Dunlop SP9000 195/40-16 Tyres
Spax 60mm Lowering Springs, Torsion Bar Adjusted to Match

Front brakes, Hi-Spec Billet 4-pot Calipers With 285mm Grooved and Vented Discs
with EBC Green Stuff Pads

Running 0.6bar of boost:-

165bhp & 145lb/ft torque @ wheels

Approx. Flywheel figures using 23% transmission loss - 200bhp & 175lb/ft torque

Not bad for a car that weighs about as much as a pack of crisps!

Loved the RWYB day at York happy with my 14.7s @ 94.4mph but think I can go that bit faster once Ive had a bit more practice at getting the power down. I think the seats and the sub are coming out for Santa Pod on 3rd Nov.

Might see some of you guys there!

I might see you down the pod on the 3rd.

Still wanna get a few more runs in before the end of the year!


Looks good mate, but Ive always wanted to know why must saxos that are supercharged are VTRs.

Surely if your after so much power, it would make better sense to do it all on a VTS!

I think most people S/C VTRs because there isnt really any other way of getting serious power out of them, if your going for N/A tuning its cheaper just to buy a VTS.

But when it comes to turbos and superchargers there isnt really much in it. The VTS might be slightly more powerful but not by a great deal. I would have thought the difference in performance between a 200bhp VTR and a 230bhp VTS would in real terms be very little.

Plus the 8v can run more boost than the 16v and its a lighter engine. Its way cheaper to replace parts if anything goes bang, because there are millions of VTRs lying in breakers yards. VTR is only group 7 insurance to start with rather than 14 for the VTS.

NICE, especially the sleeper look, them brakes must cost a fortune too, but judging by ur driveway bet u got a few change in pocket
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I was admiring that car yesterday - it was behind me in the queue - I have a snap of it behind Nicks car too. Nice one.
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A run between Nicks 16valve and the Saxo VTR would have been a good one.

Nice Saxo. Excellent colour.
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Yeah nice spec, it sounds like you done a proper job on it, not some half arsed bodge. Plus double bonus points for being a sleeper as well. Stealth rules!

Hi mate, nice car.

Roughly how much did it cost for the supercharger conversion and how long did GMC have the car for?

Must be easy to wheel spin it - have you thought about the race logic traction control system - perhaps that would help with your standing starts??

I thought that you needed a car with ABS to run a traction control system (to control the power though the wheels?) and didnt VTRs not come with ABS?


Quote: Originally posted by TB1 on 08 October 2002
I thought that you needed a car with ABS to run a traction control system (to control the power though the wheels?) and didnt VTRs not come with ABS? Tony

I think Im right in saying VTRs got ABS at the same time they had a facelift.

Ah just checked the Citroen site, ABS was an optional extra on the VTR, but does this one have it fitted?


If you want any info on the Supercharger system, price etc take a look at

Although they tend to specialise in Supercharging Saxos they will supply a kit that would within reason fit any car. Although its all dependant on avaliable space, and to a degree on more modern cars the standard engine management system.

Ive spent over five grand on supercharging it alone, but that involves extra components to fit it into the Saxo engine bay and to deal with difficulties of fooling the standard ECU into thinking that its still running at atmospheric pressure. Sounds like a lot of money but considering Ive already doubled the power and with the addition of forged pistons theres no reason boost could be turned up from 0.6bar to 1bar+

ABS is an option on the VTR and I originally ordered it, but the import agency I used forgot to add it to the order form that went to the dealer in Belgium so I dont have ABS. But Q-Force technologies are currently working on a traction control system for Turbo/Supercharged cars that didnt originally come with ABS

Cheers for the comments guys!

Stealth is half the fun!!

Not many people would expect a little hot hatch like a Saxo go from 0-100 in just over 15s and top out at around 140mph