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Suspension question

  172 cup
Basically I've got ktec coilovers and ktec topmounts there not for me I'll be changing back to standard dampners and eibach sportlines if I use the standard bolts instead of camber bolts will it set the camber bk to what it was when standard or will i need to get it setup again let me no cheers


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
Yeah standard bolts on standard dampers will mean standard camber.

What don't you like about the coilovers?
I have Both ktec coilovers and top mounts and wouldnt say they are soft, lol! I would say there alot stiffer than standard!
  172 cup
just road mate and thecar will never see a track in my ownership. mine where low at first then i raised them about 20mm all round and just cant get on with them dont like the ride on them atall