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swerl marks!

  Abarth Grande Punto

are we talking about on the paint work??

Is so you might want to try some tcut and a good wax and a big of elbow grease! Try just looking at your car in the dark or not in harsh sunlight because they always look really bad in harsh lighting.

Stu :D
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Turtle Wax Colour Magic can remove very light ones, try Safe Cut for others, once youve used safe cut / t-cut go over it again with polish/wax
  Ford Fiesta

swirl marks that are visible in strong sunlight or artificial light especially on dark cars ore normal, I have yet to see a car without these. But you shouldnt be able to see any under normal light/cloudy skies

Pop over to and get some of the scratch x. top stuff.


ps could be not to sure of spelling :-(