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Taking a Risk

  Clio v6

The past few nights I have gone to the car intending on going for a nice wee run ( and the odd tiny race )

I get in the car and see the temperature is from -0 to -2. So I get myself back indoors and have a nice cup of tea instead.

Do any of you go out driving in these temps, and would you even consider playing with other cars on roads ( especially my local A13 ) that has ice warning signs permanently displayed ?
  H22A7 Accord Type R

ive been out n about, but being very cautious as the car indicates the minus temperatures. Not worth the risk playing, i come off the odd rounabout in 2nd and floor it, but thats just me wearing the tyres out a bit more so i can get my toyos on lol! Definately not worth i in this weather, especially wi a few posts going up about people crashing their cars, Cheers, Rob.................V6 MR..............nah, cup of tea best bet mate lol!

I often have a play in all weather condishions and can feel the difference... I believe you can improve your driving skills buy practising driving as quick as the road condishions let you. Obviosly if it says -1 then you cant take that corner flat out and cant press the gas as hard as u usually would just nerse it round the bends...
  H22A7 Accord Type R

it all depends on what u want to risk really, i mean in these conditions it is impossible to know what might happen, for instance, im sure cliojohn wasnt expecting his car to step its arse end out at 40mph?! You could be pushing it safely only to find your back end snap away unexpectedly. For me, i respect this weather, as i am 3 or 4 weeks away from my 1st years no claims bonus lol

Ive learnt the hard way on many conditions including wet/ice. and yes i have driving hard even when its not great conditions (not something i do all the time though) . However i do feel that i have positively learnt how to drive in certain conditions, what to do on corners and what not to do.

I certainly dont make a habit of it at all, but i think its good to get a feel of a car in risky conditions consequently you will have more confidence in the better weather. (that may not always be a good thing though!)


Exactly aaron... But now and again u have a larf right!

R3OBC I always expect my back end to come out.... if I take corners faster than normal road users do im 2 hands waiting for the unexpected to happen and have saved my arse end many times.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

all good fun eh! Steve, are you the guy with the 195/50s on the front and 185/55 on the back???

lol hey how u remember that...... Its still bloody hard to kick that rear out though... sometimes I try my hardest and it just does not budge. But I have had people in the car saying it does 4 wheel steer.... I love a bit of sideways.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

ive got some 195/50 toyo proxies sat at home, gettin them on the car in the next few weeks. still got 185 contis on the back. the front contis are gettin a bit slippy!!!! nearly to the wear indicator in the big groove