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tax rate in UK

Hi guys!

I just checked out that i might be ok for tax free purchase in UK (i m not so sure if anyone know correct me) I want to know how much tax does UK put on their cars?? how many %?
  Golf GTi DSG

Umm how are you gonna claim tax back on a car?

And yes, you are being stupid for not knowing that VAT is 17.5% :)
  Golf GTi DSG

Then if you can claim tax back, yes you would get 17.5% back.

The 172 retails at £15995 from Renault in UK, most car supermarkets do them for bewteen £11500-£12500, thats with VAT added on.

i already got the 172 now after a M3 .... the cheaper the better i guess

u haev any idea wut they are doin for a SMG M3 in UK? just basic UK spec along with Harman Kardon, Lumbar support system, 6 disc stacker (unbelivable that a 40000k super car doesnt have a flippin disc stacker)