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temp 3 degrees and below

  Ford Fiesta

anyone else noticed the temp display flashes on ya clio 3 degrees and below, thats celcius (is there a way to change to degrees F)

Is that on a Clio 16-Valve (of 1991-96 vintage) or on a multivale engined Clio post 1998?

If its on a Valver then its not strictly meant to happen, but it does periodically anyway! Ive had mine say EEEEK to me - weird or what?! I think its used as a diagnostics screen for Renault diagnostics equipment.

If its on a newer "16v", then its probably to alert you that ice could be about.
  Ford Fiesta

i was on about latest clios not sure about 16V. it happened once when i got it back in april just happened again today. winter on its way suppose. I knew it was ice warning yeah.