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temp bulb in my valver - how to replace

i know this has prob been posted loads of times, but my bulb has blown, its really odd at night not having the temp displayed now.

is it a mission to change?
what do i have to do?
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Same as all the other bulbs. Dashboard top off and instrument panel out I believe. Search will tell you. Ive go to do mine as left side of speedo and temp both gone. Renault cant tell bulb size though so gonna have to take apart one weekend and go down to my local motorist shop to compare bulbs rather than drive with dash in bits.

thanks, for that, i think its going to be a mission.
plus the search facility on here only lets you look for the title, not the replys.

i may just leave it then.
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

When I finally get round to doing mine, gonna change all bulbs whilst I am at it, will let you know how easy and what bulb type is.

Theres 5 torx headed screws you need to undo, 3 across the top of the dash and one on each end (if my memory serves me correct) Dash just lifts up. There is a guide on the CS front page in articles DIY guides

have a spare 16v dash instrument panel at work, if ya havent found the bulb types, will post on monday wot it says on the bulbs:)