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Temperature sensor display on dash...

  1 Series Coupe
Since i have had my 03 1.2 dynamique it didnt display the temperature on the dash by the clock.... I turned the key in the ignition this morning (so all the lights went on, without starting the car) to my amazement, the time and the temperature came on!! I turn the key and started the engine, and the temperature dissapeared and didnt come back on...

Could this be a dodgey connection? or a fuse needs replacing?


  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
Bad connection, fuses dont fix themselves then fail again, anything else not working ?
  Polo + Micra
if the sensor fails and the display thinks it's above 60 degrees c the temp win just not show.

check the connection in the passenger side wing mirror (little cover on the inside)
Does anyone have any instructions on stripping the wing mirror to check the sensor?? any do's and dont's ??
  02 Clio Extreme
sorry to hijack your thread.. but what is the twirly bit on the aerial of the car? isit like a thermometer? dont laugh if im wrong..

and will changing the aerial have any affects on other gadets inside the car?
Nope, if you look on the passenger side mirror there is a little black knob poking out of the bottom of it, thats the temp sensor.

And other than possibly improving or making the radio reception worse it wont make any difference to anything electrical inside the car by changing the mast/antenna on the roof.