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Thatcham Cat 1 certificate


I have a 2001 Dynamique Plus 1.6, with the standard Cat 1 alarm. Should I have recieved a certificate to state that the Cat 1 alarm has been fitted by an authorised installer?




The brochure says its cat 1, and the stickers on the windows say so as well, but I cant say with absolute certainty. Is there a way of checking?
  H22A7 Accord Type R

well i got the CAT1 upgrade to my 1.2 Dynamique, and i got a certificate of that! Insurance companies often ask for a certificate of installation. The 1.4 comes with the CAT 1 as standard, so id say the 1.6 will. Cheers, Rob

have a look on the slam pannel right hand side if there is a little grey button there and also sencors in the inside front window pillers its got a cat1 if not then it is a cat2 but with the car being a 1.6 16v Dynamique it should have a cat1 fitted as standard and come with a certificate 2 prove this as my friend works for renault and fits alarms.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

1.2 16v is definately a CAT2 imobiliser as standard, i had an upgrade to CAT1 by having the alarm fitted! Its a Cobra i think, which works off of the standard key button

My car has got the sensors on the front windscreen pillars, so I reckon its a Cat 1. Im gonna get on the phone to the dealership and try and get the certificate...

Thanks for everybodys help! :)

I have sensors on the front pillars too, is there any other way of checking on the car itself? will it make a difference if the cert. is wrong?

the only way ov checkin is like i sed before sensors on the pillers and a little button and the right hand side ov the slam pannel coz to get to the alarm its self u have to take all the wiper motors off as its under them.

ill find out if there is out else

u could try sittin in the car and set the alarm (by blipin the key) move about abit and give it a couple ov seconds and it should start bleepin 2 let u no its gunna go off .

or u can blip ur key leave it for a couple ov minutes and unlock the door from the out side usin ur key in the lock open the door and the alarm should go off.

but the cup should defo have a cat1 with a certificate 2 prove this as all the normall 172s have them and dave yes it does make a difference if u have the certificate sayin cat1 as its nocks ur insurance down were did it say the alarm was installed on ur certificate teesport or southhamton and who signed it for install?

hope thats bin some help