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Thatcham Cat 2 Immobilisers - which is best?

  ph1 172
ive got a microscan one which is really good. I used to have one of those ones where you have to insert the little electronic key but the microscan one works by proximity.

only reason i went for it was the £25 bargain price on ebay and i didnt have a spare key for my old one.

if you search "cat2 transponder" on ebay you get quite a few different ones but i would say go with a non contact (transponder) one as it will get on your nerves if youre used to normal keys.
cool, thanks for the response :)

I don't want to faff around with keys, you're right, so I will look for the transponder thing. Do you not need an approved installer to fit it though for it to be valid as an Insurance Approved Cat2? :S
  Ford Mustang 5.0
Toad and Clifford are the two most popular manufacturers that our client use. I cannot comment on quality or relaiabilty but in sheer numbers I think half the people we insure with aftermarket alarms/immobalisers have clifford or toad, so they must have a good reputation in the business.

It must be fitted or checked by a VSIB approved installer to be classified as Thatcham Approved. So if you were going to fit the system yourself you would need to get inspected by a VSIB appoved installer so they can confirm in writing it meets the requirements.

Best Regards
  ph1 172
yeah the toad ones are good from what ive seen.

Yeah mine isnt added on my insurance, it wasnt going to save me more than £20 and the way ive installed it nobody will be able to get the car started and steal it unless they literally run new wires to the coil, ecu and fuel pump which would take ages and they wouldnt know if i had cut the ground or the power so it could take them ages with a multimeter and wiring diagram. To install it well unless you already know how you are going to do it, i would get it professionally done.

Now im not worried about somebody stealing it, just somebody making a mess trying...