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The clio 220 induction kit thread


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Hi all,

I'm in the market for an induction kit for my 220, I thought I would list the ones that are available and looking for some thoughts on these.

Airtec 220 induction kit -
£229 inc vat

ITG Induction Kit for Clio 200t EDC ( also for 220 )
PMS seems to be the cheapest for ITG kit and there is a lot of people rating this kit.
£222.00 inc vat

Engine dynamics kit-
£234.00 inc. VAT

CLIO 4 rs KTEC induction kit
Unsure if this works for 220 but I'm sure someone can confirm
£202.80 (Inc vat) Kit

I ideally wanted to get hold of 1 or 2 filters and see what the difference was on the rolling road but thinking about it again seems mad as we are talking a few bhp here.

Anyone any thoughts on the above?
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Have a chat with Andy at Engine Dynamics, he will give you the facts and truth about whether it’s worth fitting one or not. If he’s selling one then he will have tested it and found gains, he wouldn’t sell one just for noise.