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How to build a genuine 300+ Turbo Clio

  R5 gtt, R27 F1 team
He used the .86 afaik.

i have a hardely used gt28rs for sale, send me a PM if you're interested :)
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  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
i see this is a clio172 i am building a F7R i think the F7R flywheel is smaller this means smaller clutch plate
the biggest problem I see is getting the engine power to the ground
anyone got experience with F7R turbo engine and in particulary the clutch to use?

Why not just use a f4r flywheel? it bolts straight on, I have one on my f7r mk1.
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There's some great info here.
You mentioned "some strengthening mods" when referring to the gearbox. What are these mods?
  Clio 172/Civic EG6
nice read my 172 is supposed to be the sensible car while i consider a boosted route on my eg6, must say so far its looking like the interior could end up out and me having 2 stripped and caged cars rather than a daily and fun car lol
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Hello, how much hp the OE internals support??

Pistons will do 300lbft/300bhp+ if you decompress it.
Rods not quite so much.

At standard CR, unless you run a very high octane fuel, you are likely to end up knock/ EGT limited before that though.
Thanks Steve!

Just managed to pick up something similar as what you linked weren't in stock. Also got some nordlock washers. These be ok for the time being?

They might be OK mate but I'd have to look see what material they are, I've also used same style copper ones and they were OK as well.


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  Clio 172 ph2
Can anyone please help me with something? I want to build with a friend a turbo 182 with around 300hp to can keep the stock gearbox. We choose after reading this topic and others the GT28RS. What is the best housing a/r for this application? .86? (or .64?)
So I have to choose .86 housing and T25 flange (use the ktec turbo manifold)? Thanks