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The k-tec air filter relocation kit .

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i wonder if someone could help i have seen the k-tec 1.2 16v clio mkII air filter relocation kit and it mentions that pipercross will fit on it. does any other filter fit on such as a k&n or green etc?.

Yes any filter will fit as long as the diameter of the filter will go into the hose... BUT the pipercross comes with the metal bit that goes instead of the filter box..... you need to buy the pipercross then you could replace it later if you wanted but im pritty happy with it



no the ktec kit consists of:

metalthingy on the airbox
bits of hose
no filter is included

I phoned David when I brought mine.... for prices etc... I was thinking it was a bit expensive for the induction kit and he said why.... because of that metal bracket.... so all they did is make a pipe which it very well done to move the filter to cold air.... the relocation kit is sold seperate from the induction kit...

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I think I have made the description on the website a little clearer now. Sorry if it misled anyone.

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Its a bit of a bugger tho......i really wanted a K&N.............any ideas n e one, which dont involve buying 2 induction kits lol

hey you can buy my metal plate for £79+VAT then I get a new one.... pipercross are the only ones to make an induction for the 1.2 16v hey they are good why would you want a different one?

i found the piperx foam filter very quiet on the 1.2 16v, the reason i want a induction kit is because im after more noise.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

K & N do the 57i kit for the car.....someone on here posted a link to it! There is a picture of it in-place, and also power / torque graphs for it! I would prefer a Cotten gauze filter to be honest........just have to see how it all works out eh.........make a blody plate lol!!!!
  Lionel Richie

Im speaking to someone at the moment that can fabricate anything. (My old man owns an engineering company) im going to show him the pipercross plate and see how much he could make them for, anyone be interested???? Im guessing at about £30-£40 maybe less depending on how many people want one

hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah sh*t I really could not stop laughing then.... hahaha..... Its really like that on the web site.... does all that bag stuff come with the filter? Oh its terrible....
  H22A7 Accord Type R

i imagine that will all be an individuals add who can make that PIPE wi that K&N on the End of it using an appropriate Plate????? LOL Extreme Kennedy, it was prob u who pointed me to the K&N b4.......cheers

Yeah I was thinking that Tom.... I could imagine maybe 2 bhp out standard and 2 out with the filter but standard its showing 65 bhp...... thats 10 out!



although how on earth it produces 75bhp with the standard airfilter is anyones guess..................

haha 114 bhp... Why did they call it a 1.2 anyway.... ford call their fiesta a 1.25 this should really be a 1.15 lol.... Ahhhh best trade mine in as soon as I paid for it...