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The PH1 172 Appreciation Thread.


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk1 Audi TT 3.2 V6
Sold to Rob? (Mitch1503 or something?)

Yeah there was 90 something Iceberg ph1's. Mines iceberg and its nice to know that there's not many in that colour in ph1 form.
Seriously? When I was looking at Ph1's I wanted titanium and could only find bergs, it's like no one wanted that colour


ClioSport Club Member
My daily run-about/mini project

  Artic 182 FF
@numbers_ is this taken at Cornwall Park in Auckland?
I lived in New Zealand for 3 years and I am coming down in January again good to see there are some that have made it down to there!!!
  Artic 182 FF
Yes it was, good spotting! It's weird down here. I've only seen one other 172 and one 182, yet 3 V6's
Thought so!!! So what your saying is V6's are cheaper because there are more of them!! I have seen a few Japanese imported 172's but with 15in wheels which look rubbish!


ClioSport Club Member
  S/C Iceberg 172 Cup
Bloody hell, just scrolled through this. Might make rethink selling up in the new year :s
  Track 172 Cup
I'm really beginning to like the PH1, even though my track 172 is my first proper little hot hatch (had a mk4 R32 when I was 20 but it wasn't exactly little lol) now I'm 28 and bought my 127 cup for track I think damn I missed out lol


  Z4, VW172, R26
Love the bloody things...


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