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The site gets stronger and stronger

Seemed a bit depressing seing this post this morning, so thought I would post this to counter act the other negative topic....I think the site and club is getting bigger and stronger, loadsa members and loadsa cool people, keep it up everyone!!!


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Cheers Dan. I agree with you. The club is the best its ever been in its year of running. Loads of members, loads of meets, loads of events, loads of discounts, etc. etc. Theres gonna be a few tough patches along the way, but no-one said its gonna be easy eh!

.... if you dont read about 3 - 4 of the topics/posts on this forum, You wouldnt find out about the negative things probably. :)

Its a great club (the only one Id join, anyway) - Sure we have bad times, but hey, it can only make us better in the long run, right? :)


Personally, if people can say that a club isnt as good as it used to be, JUST by talking *posting* to an internet site, and dont attend meetings in real life etc... then i think they should best not comment....

when people meet in real life... i find their "character" which they use on the internet, isnt the same, maybe they are more shy or arent so easy to talk to, as they arent behind their monitor and keyboard to quickly type back some bullsh*t.

I personally believe that the club IS getting stronger and better, everyday you see a new member joining the forum. which adds new characters with new opinions on certain topics...

keep it up cliosport!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I agree Daz,

3/4 posts maybe less is a great ratio. The club has gone from strengh to strengh and if Jas keeps up the good work it will become alot stronger.

Great work admin team keep it up.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

I find that the site is getting stronger AND better..... when has the forum last crashed???? I have talked to many people and met many too, at the RR 2 session and the few local meets Ive been to and found them all to be thoroughly nice blokes and ladies!

What you have to remember is that we are all here because of the fact we all like CLIOs...from base model to V6. So what, not all have fast sporty models. I have a 172 but I aspire to a V6. It takes all sorts to make a community.

I think the Admin Team have done stirling work in the short time the club has been operational and it will go from strength to strength and will not be brought down by one or two individuals.

You all have my support!!!!
  BMW 320d Sport

Cool its nice to hear some appreciation from the silent majority! :D Its easy for the admin team to feel like packing it all in when all you hear is complaints the whole time. We dont get paid and we didnt get into this because we like people to feel grateful for what we do - just because we thought it would be fun to start up a club! When it begins to be less like fun and more like being a frontline social worker you begin to wonder whats the point...:mad:

So cheers to those of you who have got off your arses and registered your approval of what we do!:D
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I love the site, It has saved my girlfriend and I a lot of money, given me great advice and made owning my Clio a pleasure.

Thank you to the admin team and everyone else for making this a very interesting forum, I hope it continues to grow.

One post like this makes up for all the posts where you have people moaning about something or another.

I am sure all the admin appreciate it all.

it is a top site, and the only major one im involved in........i do frequent others, but i save this for last of teh checks as i know ill be on for hrs!

Top job admin crew, and i couldnt imagine having t sift through everypost moderating, takes me hrs to do teh ones that interest me..lOL

DAN: did u get the 205? we need to do a track meet sometime soon!


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Thanks for the positive comments guys. As Nick says, we spend hours and hours each week (day even!) on the club, and we dont expect people to keep thanking us, just to appreciate the time we put in, and remember we choose to do this for the good of the Club, and all the members.

I enjoy the club and have met many other like minded people because of it, also saved myself alot of £££s!!!! The club is excellent and I think it is the winter weather getting everyone down, and we all know there is going to be Kerbing of the alloys coming soon!!!

BenR - yeh will have to do track day soon mate, but need a car first!! didnt get the 205 as it needed abit of head work....have sites set back on XR2 now, after seeing the stovk hatch finals at Mallory Park the other week, 99% of the cars were XR2s, so it seems the logical car to get...when i do, then track days will be on the agenda, to get some practice in before racing season starts in March!!!!

I have only been to one meet at York RWYB but I had an awesome time ! I dont see how people can say that the club is in its demise ! Crazy ! The site is getting better and better ! And I cannot wait for Brands Hatch next month, should be a huge meet ! A true sign of a club in demise obviously ! (WTF ?!?!?)

Wanted to add my support for all the admin team too, doing an awesome job ! Going to try and come to as many meets as I can from down here in Wales, it is hard but I will try ! Up for the 1/4 mile league next year if I still have the car !

Just kidding!
Ive met some real nice people through the site and its nice to interact with like minded people.

Keep up the good work guys!!


  Shiny red R32


Have you ever tried 100% proof rum?

The car would probably run on it with its strength! Much stronger than chip oli!

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Nah get p1ssed on 5 cans of beer let alone 100% proof rum....

I dont drink much anyway, must taste like paint stripper.