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"THE' Tawny Owl Pub meet - chat thread

This is a regular get together in the East Midlands, it occurs on the last Sunday of every month and it's an established part of the East Midlands 'meets'.

The meet is at the Tawny Owl pub at balderton, just off the A1 and only a couple of miles down from the A46, so hopefully easy for anyone in east notts and west lincs to get to. Its pretty much central between nottingham, mansfield, grantham, lincoln

Everyone welcome, doesnt matter if your clio is on the road or not, its more about talking to other enthusiasts than looking at cars but obviously its a bonus if there are some nice clios there too!

Address for satnav:
Tawny Owl
William Hall Way
NG24 3NG

Link to the pub website:

Its one of the "2 for 1" chain, so always buy one get one free and the food isnt too bad for the money really.

Food menu is here:

I look forward to seeing you there!
  Nissan 350z
Thanks for the tag. I'm free on Sunday but only from 4pm onwards unfortunately, which at this time of the year means darkness. What time is this happening?
I'll be attending the next one of these... Probably splitting cats with the missus too not sure... Traitor in the midst and all'
@ThomasBrentnall are you meeting at Ripley market place beforehand? @-Danman- are you meeting at the petrol station like ages ago? I don't know if this has been happening since, as I haven't been in ages.
Hi mate. Yeah we still meet at the Shell Garage, usually say get there for 5.15 and leave at 5.30 in case and people are a bit late.

You'll have to speak to Tom through facebook mate, I don't think he's on here anymore.