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The water ingress is back............


  Shiny red R32

....more than before! Remember back in January when I bought my 172 that there was loads of water in the spare wheel well and after two attempts I thought the dealer had fixed it!

Well this afternoon I thought I would check the tyre pressures including the spare wheel and I couldnt believe my eyes when I took out the spare wheel as it was sitting in water and the t-shirt and the fabric protector thingy the wheel was sitting on were absolutely saturated. The middle of the wheel was also rusty looking.

Goodness knows how long it had been like that, because I assumed it was dry as the dealer had fixed it and I havent checked it for about six months. We havent had much rain but I wash it regularly so it often gets wet.

Looks like it is back to square one! Has anyone else who had the water ingress checked their spare wheel well recently?


  Shiny red R32

Desmondo and Magnet, have you looked in your spare wheel well recently? If I remember correctly I think that you both had water ingress in the boot!

Will have a look later today and get back to you.

Last monday it p****d it down so it will be interesting to see.

Yep mine is back too. I had the problem when I first picked the car up and it seemed to go away - all through the (rainy) summer Ive had no probs. I noticed it had come back at Bedford last week - took the spare out for the track and noticed that the spongey bit under the spare was soaked.

The cars in for its 1st service next month so Ill add it to my list of things for them to sort out.


Sounds as if the seal they used has aged and given up or was never up to the job in the first place, bit like the seal around a bath tub needs renewing every so often. Ask them what they used first time around then tell them to use something better !

Why not drill a couple of small holes in the wheel well (and then primer them etc.) to act as drainage holes?

think its time to contact reno uk and complain. right letters ect ect and see about a replacement if you actually want one

i got a new one and touch wood everything is fine with this one.
maybe easier if they were UK supplied cars but if they are imports you may find reno a bit less helpful then they should be

if our new one f***s up aian then i will def be pressing for a refund. drilling holes in a new car for drainage is mad


I have complained to renault before and they were bery helpfull (even if the problem was not fixed!). How did you go about having your car replaced wongy??
  Clio v6

Just had mine in for an odd problem where the rear fog light on dash glows when I apply the breaks. They have ordered a new rear wiring loom and new rear light clusters due to water ingress.

"Shall we keep your V6 here until all the parts come in Sir? "

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa !"

i just spotted mine is leaking too, well mine is off in on friday to the exhaust done anyway so its just something else for them to fix