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Some absulates fu*kers have got into my car and taken all the stereo out my f*ckin boot. am sooooo pissed off about it all just cant believe it. from my damn halls car park.

although the total muppets missed £350 worth of oakley sunglasses!

no sign of any damage to gain entry either.

f*ck me im pissed off. sorry bout the language only found out bout 30mins ago.

Pete (0ne pissed off clio owner!)

PS if me and my mate ever catch the b**tards were going to f**kin kick the sh*t out of them!

my g/fs was done on sat night too... they got the face off out of it as she left it in the glove box!! :mad: look the people that do it are just tramps and they probably have no car to put it in anyway!!
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Kiddin, before u hav a strop. Id hav love to hav help u catch the scrat that did it. Wrap his b****ks wrong his neck before he can say god help me, hehe. :devilish:

got to let the insurance company know tomoz! any1 that has had to deal with the b*****d insurance companies over stereo had any probs? think they r going to question how there was no damage to the car when thieving scum got in!

under my mums name this yr and as its her 2nd policy has no no cliams anyway!

Yep already told the rozzers!

up on that 1!

god im pissed! cant slepp at all!

oooer.....sorry mate..

sad thing is, its dead easy to gain entry.

I locked myself out several times, so learnt how to get in with a coat hanger, and yes it works. So, i can now open almost any car with poppet type locks....NOT good, i worry abot my car so much now....since its so easy. And nobody ever asked what i was doin!!!

I can now also use a peice of parcel wrapping straps!

and no, i cant tell.......

we should be allowed booby traps on our cars!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Sorry to hear of your loss mate !! They are just thieving gypsy b******s.

This is the reason why people de-lock their cars and remove the door pins.

I hate the little pickie scum! I have had 4 out of my 6 cars broken into, 3 of which were done outside my house.:mad:

My last baby was a Pug 205 GTi Miami Blue Special Edition... loved her dearly! Problem was so did every other grubby little f**ker! :cry:

1stly she was broken into in Bluewater - they tried ripping out the boot lock (resulting in the fact that they couldnt actually open the boot because the button was missing - stupid f**kers!)

2ndly she had the Petrol cap broken into...

3rdly she had the trims from her TSW Immolas pinched

and Finnally the last straw last January she was broken into outside my house - whilst I was in!!! I actually caught the f**kers doing it, but they got away... :mad:

Your car never feels the same after its been broken into... violated! If I ever catch them...:devilish:

P.S. scuse my french ;)

sorry to hear mate, know exactly how you feel same thing happened to me

id love to catch just one of the little thieving b******s in the act and beat sh*t out of them, then dump them at the front of a police station with a note round their neck saying what they had done and where

I suddenly dont want to uprate my HU

Wish we were allowed the flame thrower alarms like in SA

Sorry to hear the bad news.

F*ckin thievin scum! should get there hands chopped off!

When the Rozzers do catch em, they get out within months .....c*nts!....Grrrrrrrr!

We should be allowed to decide the punishment 4, death :sick:!, trouble is we get done if we catch em and beat the living day lights out of them!. no justice in this world
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

They get less sh1t when they get caught than us tax paying morons for driving offences.

They steal because they need smack, its probably all theyve ever known,and they always seem to wear stripy rockport/henri lloyd/lacoste jumpers, tracky bottoms and rockport/lacoste shoes..... mailto:w@nkers">w@nkers broke into my clio and nicked me alpine V12 and sub, speakers, parcel shelf and cds - i know who it was - there were 3 of them - the oldest was 17....but they got hammered by my mates uncle with a bat and a wheelie bin when they tried to break into his house for his car keys - his daughter went to school with one of them...they werent pro theives anyhow...just dicks without a clue of what the real world is like

We work long and hard for a nice car a good stereo modifications etc we pay through the nose for insurance and still get lumberd with the lock repair bill as we dont want to lose our hard earned NCB these people are not human they have no concideration for anyone or anything in life but for themselves, they make me sick as YES this has happend to me:( as well Pete sorry to here about the bad news mate,


KNow how u feel mate. Had 3ks worth of ICE stolen from my Mini about 4 years ago. They took everything, including the bloody wiring!!

Drove the car down to Liverpool for the weekend, left it unlocked ALL weekend one touched it!!!

Found out later the car was written off as they had bent something opening the door with a crowbar, they had tried the locks(it had none, solenoids only) they tried the glass (but window tint film stopped it going through) so they bent the door open!!! ALL BENEATH MY BEDROOM WINDOW!! AND I NEVER WOKE UP!!!:confused: took me 3 months to find out who did it and suffice to say they wont do it again in a hurry;). Try your local pubs and ask around if anyone is selling any ICE, thats how I found them, just be careful you dont get caught administering a small amount of justice!
  307 hdi (powered by derv)

they are all pikies who just rob the stuff to fund there addictions i think cliosport should form an army to help Pete-W and anyone else who has had stuff robbed to find the pikies. Loads of my mates have had equipment robbed and the police just dont care, there to involved with doing spot checks on drivers like us for no reason.
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

A word of warning before you kick seven shades of sh1t out of the thieving scum bags.

Please dont forget their "HUMAN RIGHTS"

Wouldnt want Cherie Blair after you for violating this worthy and just cause would we now?

Bless their cotton socks!

Victims have no rights, crims do!

P1ssed off, Bob.

f**k there rights, just make sure u dont get caught!!!!

spoke to the police early this eve and said they will speak to me tomoz bout getting fingerprints off car! doubt this will ever happen though!

pikie scum!


not read all the replys cause im to drunlk and lazy, but i had a bump strip niked off my car. All the othes had already fell off like buts till... a BUMP STRIP