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  Renault Laguna Coupe

..... I wonder what they are plotting? :devilish: ClioSport Xmas cards? Throwing the club open to Saxo drivers? What colour to tint the forum next week? Its driving me crazy!


  Shiny red R32

Are there any hackers here who could find their way in to see what they are chatting about? ;)

Gr, I am on a hacking course in london next week... lol.. will take a look when I get back..

only costing 3.5k !!! (Not my dosh though, so fine !)

  Silver Fabia vRS

Do you really think wed do that? Most of us work in IT and know some of the more basic rules of password security like:

1) No pets, loved ones, car etc...

2) No birthdates

3) Include Uppercase and Numeric digits

Need I go on!