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think I have found my track day car :)

dont know how I missed this beast..

Toyota Supra Turbo Mk3

700-1500 squid..

220 bhp standard.. >380 BHP with simple tuning... (Lexus AFM / injectors, ind kit and exhaust...)

Look at me mammy, Im dancin


on the lookout for a good one now !.

Imagine that bugger on the track with all the crap taken out... v6 clio eat ya heart out...

Jap Crap Rice Mobile heaven....

way to go doood..

me wants.. me wants.. me wants...

  BMW 320d Sport

Im no expert on the old Jap motors, is that the old wedge shape one with the Talbot Horizon style tailgate?

ive heard from humerous people that the head gaskets are weak and are very expensive to repair if blown, beware when turning the boosts up that its not going to go pop straight away, but i agree it would be an animal

i meant to say numerous as opposed to taking advice from comedy people,

as far as the medalion man motor, i thought they ran a gnats fart of boost so an increase in boost up in line with the fueling should give spectacular results (in theory, i dont know much about Jap cra... stuff!)