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think my car is misfiring,

my ligh has come on again and sound like its only going on 3 cyl, migh change the spark plugs today never got to them on a clio b4, where asbouts are they and what tools do i need to get them out?
what happens when it misfires, does that mean it dosn''t accelate as much? as i got a problem myself at the mo at 31k, but theres no light showin
Funny there has been a post this morning about this. On my way to work this morning (4:30) my car did this misfiring lark and that light was flashing constantly I limped into work with lots of misfire, called the AA a few hours later to get a tow into my local dealership now I just have to wait for them to check things over bloody 182!!!!! grrrrr..