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Think my tyre is screwed...

...what do you guys (and gals) think?

Out for a bit of a Sunday morning blast, pulled into a car park and heard that "tap-tap-tap" noise you get when you have a stone in your tyre. Thought I'd hop out and take a look and found this little beauty stuck in my tyre :eek:



I was in two minds about whether to put the spare on, or just drive home like that - decided it was probably best to put the spare on. So after jumping up and down on the tyre lever (quite literally - I had all my weight on it and was bouncing up and down) to get the wheel nuts undone I got the spare on and drove home. (Never had to change a tyre in anger before:eek:)

Figured I might as well give the alloy a quick wash inside and out while it was off the car and as I did the bubbles appeared! Glad I changed it now.

Here's a pointless short video of it :rasp:

I was planning on chaning the fronts soon anyway as they were getting a bit low on tread. Guess my plans have just been moved forward - I've probably saved a bit of money actually, as I'll just leave the spare on (it's new - although a few years old) get a new tyre on that one and put the nearly worn down tyre from the other side in the boot as the spare.

Ah well...
or you could just get yourself a new tyre and know its perfect or just go cheap and get it repaired
Hmm. I dunno about getting it repaired. It never really crossed my mind tbh. If it had been new I'd be pretty tempted. How do they actually repair it?


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
They patch in on the inside .The only time when a tyre can't usually be repaired is when its in the sidewall as this would be dangerous .Any reputable tyre place will repair it or tell you it can't be repaired . But most of the time if its on the tread part of the tyre its a straight forward repair .I've had loads of tyres repaired over the years without any problems . The tyre will be as good as new . Cheaper than a new tyre :)
  BMW 330d :)
Unless there is too much wear on the tyre like I had or the nail is 2 inches or less from the edge of the tread. Then its new tyre time! Expensive!