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Thinking of getting Axle stands

How useful are axle stands? What things do they alloy you to go?

Obviously change brakes/wheel easily but what other stuff could you fit coilies using them? fit a decat or exhaust etc.

Basically i'm just after an idea of what things they will let me do that i couldnt do with just the standard crappy jack.

Also any axle stands you would recomend or will any do.
very useful, if your layin under the car doing any work id put it on axle stands not leave it on the "standard crappy jack" in fact i wouldnt even use that jack, id get a trolly jack and axle stand set from halfords
  LY 182
anything, exhausts clutches gearboxes cambelts you name it,, all they do is hold the car up

you need a jack to lift the car,, you need axle stands to stop the jack spewing its oil and collapsing on you,,, not something youd be bragging to your mates down the pub about the next night
  White Sti Hatch
I wouldent do anything with the Reno Jack for a start !!

stands are hand if your doing ork under the car since there aload safer than than using a jack !
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You can't put axle stands on ur car on your own right?...

Coz u will need another person to jack up the other side of the car the same time when you do it on the other side, for it to not topple over.... or am i talking jibberish?
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Well not exactly topple the car, but u will still need to jack both sides of the car right?
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You can't put axle stands on ur car on your own right?...

Coz u will need another person to jack up the other side of the car the same time when you do it on the other side, for it to not topple over.... or am i talking jibberish?


Get 4 axle stands if you plan on doing big jobs. There have been many times were I had the car on the two stands and thought b****cks I could really do with another set to support the engine.:eek:
  LY 182
nope,, jack one side axle stand under that side

jack the other side axle stand under that one

it does get a bit iffy when jacking 3.5 ton vans that way as it tries to tip the van off the first stand,, but cars no problem

and for engine jobs/clutches etc i tend to back it on to car ramps then jack the front up
I wouldnt lie under a car supported by a jack i'm not quite that stupid.

I have a trolley jack, well my grandad does, thats as good as.

I was just thinking about some because i will want to do some mods when my awful directline insurance runs out.

Could i for example easily change my exhaust or fit a decat? Would they give me enough room to work.
And if i can fit things myself it would give more satisfaction and save £'s
NEVER lay under a car just by using a trolly jack.

Thats what axle stands are for obviously.

Good example, few years back we were doing my mates brakes and the trolly jack lost its oil without warning and collapsed. Anyone under the car and they'd a been a gonner. Also had one slowly lose its hight.

Its all common sense stuff really


Changed gearboxes, engine swaps, cambelts ALL sorts on my set of axle stands, look like they were made in the war too :D
Brilliant i'll definately invest in a set then, now the question should i get 2 or 4, don't mind getting 4 as there dirt cheap but is it safe to use 4 at once.


Get some drive on ramps and 2 axle stands. Reverse onto the ramps then jack the front up. Easiest and safest way IMO, never had a problem doing it this way personally. If you're working under the rear of the car and need the wheels off the ground, just do it the opposite way round. 4 stands are a pain in the arse to get under with the car shifting about when you jack it up.
  ITB'd MK1
quite safe to use 4 :)

only problem with ramps is that you (obviously!) can't take the wheels off. i'd say two stands are fine for more or less everything - only time i've used four is to strip cars; you can make do with two by doing what you need at one end/side and then just swapping them over

most important thing is to ensure they're correctly set up and located, and that you're on solid, level ground

ed. also, you don't really want to be doing anything too physical (like undoing hub nuts, etc) whilst on stands - just in case
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Im thinking of getting a trolley jack and stands soon.

Does any one know how much roughly they are from haulfrauds?

Great for painting calipers, and odd jobs etc.
Might invest in some ramps and 2 axle stands then, its just because in the future i want to start doing some work on my car i.e. my own oil/filter changes, maybe changing exahust, fitting coilies etc

The ramp seams a good option because i can imagine it being good for changing exhaust etc and if i was doing any suspension mods i could just swap it over half way.

Thanks lads you've been very helpful as always
thats a good idea incase anything goes wrong with the stands, thanks for the heads up mate, doubt there would be much left of me if my car fell on me.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Does any one know how much roughly they are from haulfrauds?

I got a Trolley Jack and a pair of 2 tonne axle stands for £19.99 from Halfords.

Use them all the time and they are bloody brilliant. For the money they are a bargain.
  2004 182FF
Raising this one from the dead, found it in search.

Will the front of a 182 get up onto these okay?

I would use jack stands but my driveway slopes downwards so it wouldn't be stable.... so thought it might be nice to get some ramps and drive down onto them for a bit more lift. Just for oil changes at first. Also they're 200 wide... wont cause issues with 205 tyres will it?
  Dodgy one
My droves on a slope and I use stands, Its what blocks of wood, bricks and wheelchocks were invented for :)