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This anyone from hear Trickycnut

......Im guessing you saw the pictures from the NW meet that time. Bit slow at the moment, just got back from Donny, really should sleep. :confused:
  Mazda 2, MX5 Mk2.5 Sport

has anyone read that from the start......

1.6 gte engine that can out accelerate a williams??

that cant be true can it????

his he telling the truth? or is he just another mailto:tw@t">tw@t in a nova

Oh FFS of course hes not telling the truth. Read the whole thread. He beat me once, missus shouted at me so I took it back out and leathered him. It was only up to 50mph and it wouldnt stop spinning. He acknowledges that hed probably get a shock once the Clio gets into third. Hes full of it LOL

Lol, Ged (RoyBacer) he is kinda full of it, but i have to admit it, his GTE was nippyish. Dunno about clio killing quick though lol.